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About Dave

Back when the internet was a mere speck of what it is today I built my first website with notepad, Filezilla and tutorials on the interwebs.

Oh, I remember the sheer frustration of learning about FTP, HTML, PHP and MySQL.

I must say it probably took me longer to grasp than most lol.

Then came my introduction to SEO as I learnt how to get Google and the other search engines of the day to give me some lovin.

Around the same time, I was introduced to Dreamweaver and built a site to test out its capabilities. That site through the power of SEO paid my bills for over 5 years.

That’s when I fell in love with SEO.

I guess once it’s under your skin you’re hooked for life.

Because I retired for a bit and then came back to it lol.

So this time around I’ve been doing SEO and building websites for about 5 years now.

Today I would call myself a freelance SEO consultant and Web designer.

For about the last 15 years I’ve been an avid amateur photographer taking photos of nature and buildings.

I find it relaxing.

You can find some of my photography around the internet if you look hard enough 😉

For the last year I’ve been working on some products and courses I’ll be releasing soon.

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