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Link Juice

The term “link juice” is to webmasters what the term “open sesame” was to Ali Baba. 

To say it differently, it’s the magic words that allow you to open the doors to the highest rankings on Google.

Link juice is a term that has been used the whole time I’ve been an SEO.

If you imagine a backlink carries a flow between 2 pages this is link juice.

So all the links into a page all flow juice and it’s stored in the page like a dam. If a new link from that page is made then a portion of that juice flows out along the link. 

While the formula that Google uses to determine what your ranking will be such as content relevance, keywords, meta tags, domain name, and many others- link juice is the most important factor if you want to earn the highest possible rankings on Google.

To understand what Google wants to see in order to get you to those coveted first page spots, you must understand the concept of link juice and how to make it work for you.

To start with, you need to know that Google looks at the ways in which sites link to other sites in order to figure out which sites are the best.

This means that if you and a competing site are both hoping to gain rank for a certain keyword, your site can get a higher ranking based on which links you have that other sites don’t.

If two sites have the same number of links, Google will then turn to other factors to determine which site should get the higher search engine ranking.

All those other factors are important, but none of them outranks the importance of having the right links- and many links- to your site.

The wizards at Google who create search engine ranking algorithms have the ability to map out the relationships among sites on a massive scale, which is why the site is not only the biggest search provider but also one of the most important.

The more competitive your keywords are, the more important link juice becomes because the sites that are able to gain rank on Google for those keywords are often linked to by hundreds if not thousands of other sites. And the sites that link to high ranking sites are often high ranking sites themselves, with links from many other sites.

You can imagine the complexity of the link map that would be created for top ranking sites and their linked sites.

Other, less competitive keywords, are able to gain very high rankings with only a small dash of link juice.

This is because these sites are able to get just a few links from other sites with high levels of link juice, which catapult them to the top of the rankings.

Each keyword that you try to use will have different rules that will allow you to get the highest level of link juice.

To get link juice, you need links.

To get the most link juice, you need links from sites that have a lot of link juice.

If you are reading this article on link juice, it’s probably because you are trying to raise your search engine rankings.

High search engine rankings are about targeting the best keywords and getting link juice through the right kind of links.

Link juice should be part of any search engine optimization strategy, and the more you understand what makes Google notice your site, the better your chances of getting great link juice (and higher rankings!) are.

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