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Do you have an underperforming page on your website?

I provide an SEO content optimisation service

I’ve been doing SEO since 2006 I can help optimise your content to get top rankings on Google

If part of your marketing strategy doesn’t include content marketing then you are missing a huge percentage of your potential traffic.

I built my first website in 2005 and to get traffic from the search engines I learnt search engine optimization.

Today after 17 years I’m an expert and I make most of my income from actually doing optimizing content!

That means I optimize content and make it rank on Google.

I don’t sell backlinks or partake in any shady schemes, everything I do is totally within Google’s guidelines.

What is content optimization?

Content optimization is the process of rewriting your content for readability, originality and consistency.

It’s not rocket science although some people would have you believe it is!

But it does take time to get it right!

Properly optimized content is loved by the search engines. It will rank for multiple keywords and depending on the “authority” of your website it may rank without the need to build backlinks to the page.

Unless you know what you are doing you will have written your content for yourself or for what you think your visitors are interested in learning about.

This will often lead to a tendency to overuse certain words and not use others that are closely related to the topic you are writing about. These gaps or omissions will mean that your content won’t rank on Google.

Content optimization

Increases FREE traffic from Google

Why is content optimization important

When your content is optimized

It saves your business money everyday

A proper content marketing strategy will get your website free traffic from Google.

Unlike paid traffic, it doesn’t dry up when you stop paying!

Free traffic from Google has value so it could end up saving you thousands every month and with the cost per click rising every year optimized content and a strategic content marketing plan could make you money instead of you spending it on traffic.

Content optimization works by giving Google and your visitors what they want

The whole idea of content marketing is to give people what they want to read. Google wants to see certain things on your page for you to rank. So you need to optimize your content in a certain way so Google and your visitor get what they want.

A content optimization strategy starts with your existing content and an in-depth analysis of the keywords you want to rank for.

Without this balance, you won’t rank for anything and won’t receive any traffic from Google.

When you give Google’s algorithm what it wants the results are high rankings for multiple keywords and traffic. A steady stream of visitors to your website day in and day out.

If you pay for your traffic when you stop the traffic stops. Through an optimized content marketing strategy, the traffic is free and can generate visitors for years to come.


Give Google what the algorithm wants

You get visitors everyday

How I make content optimization work for your page

Content optimization is a process

To make content optimization work for your page, I first need to look at your competitors to understand how to make your content work for you better. As your competitors already have search engine rankings we know what Google is looking for for the search term.

You might have an article that is a thousand words when your competitors are already ranking with three thousand words. This will mean that unless you beef up your content it will have no chance of ranking.

Next, we need to look at your keywords, related keywords and LSI keywords and the number of times they appear on your competitor’s page and your page.

We then need to add keywords to your content so you get the search engine results you want from Google.

Optimizing content takes time

When I optimize your content it’s a manual process I have to go through and optimize it many times to get the right balance of human readability, originality and consistency of keywords and related keywords.

It’s not something that can be done in an hour!

Sometimes it can take several days to fully optimize one piece of content.

It's a time intensive process

Will my content rank soon?

Your content ranking will take as long it takes

Google has its timeline for everything and unfortunately, they try to keep as much of how they do things as secret as possible.

For this reason, I can’t give you a timeline on when your content will rank and what keywords it will rank for.

What I do is an educated assumption based on the information that’s available to me and my experience as an SEO, I can optimize your page for the keywords you want to rank for but rankings are not solely determined by the content on your page.

Many other factors come into play like the “authority”, age of your domain and the backlinks to your website.

I use multiple content optimization tools

To get you the best possible search engine rankings, I use multiple content optimization tools to analyse your content.

I then optimize your content based on my findings from these tools making sure it is readable by humans and contains all the things that Google will love.

The process is time-consuming as to fit everything in that Google likes to see I might have to write an extra 500 words and sometimes more.

I analyse your content with multiple tools

Order my content optimization service today

Price £297 per article

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