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Is keeping your WordPress website running properly taking to much time out of your week?

My WordPress maintenance service and WordPress support services are for you

WordPress takes time and if not done right you leave yourself open to attack!

90% of hacks occur on WordPress.

WordPress is the most popular content management system on the web and popularity brings a few pitfalls to any software of this type.

Websites are always being probed for weakness by spotty little kids in their mom’s basements and more advanced hacker groups looking to use weaknesses in the code to break in for fun and for profit!

WordPress, themes and plugins are constantly evolving and as such can lead to holes in the security of your website as development teams around the world (who don’t talk to each other) push out complex code and updates.

WordPress has come a long way but one little mistake by someone in a far off land can leave you vulnerable to attack.

To properly maintain just one website can take hours out of your week which is time you don’t have to work on what makes you money.

WordPress statistics

  • 90% of hacks occur on WordPress.
  • 35% of the Web Uses WordPress.
  • WordPress Gets 487 Billion Spam Messages Every Month.
  • WordPress Dominates Google’s SERP with 2.28 Billion Results.
  • Less Than 1/3 of All WordPress Installations Are Updated to the Latest Version.
  • WooCommerce powers 22% of the top 1 million eCommerce sites in the world.

I’ve been using WordPress for 15 years and working with clients’ websites for 12 years.

It’s essential that you “security harden” your WordPress site against hackers!

Best offense against hackers is the strongest defence

Most of the time you won’t know of a hacker till it’s too late.

I protect your site in various ways

  • “Security harden” your website
  • Secure backups stored in the cloud.
  • File monitoring for changes.
  • Safe theme and plugin updates (monitored against vulnerability databases across the web).

The average WordPress site is not secure!

security DesignedbyDave WordPress

The average WordPress installation leaves you wide open to all sorts of attacks!

Your WordPress site after hardening

security after DesignedbyDave WordPress

After I harden your WordPress site it’s much more secure without the risk of you getting locked out.

WordPress care plans in detail

Essentials, backup and updates plan

My essentials, backup and updates plan hardens your website, provides weekly secure offsite backups, safe updates and monthly reports so no hackers can get in.

In the unlikely event of a successful attack, we can roll back and lock it all down so they can’t get back in.

I’ve not had a client hacked yet!

Security hardening

Safe Plugin Updates

Safe Theme Updates

Vulnerability Updates

Weekly Cloud backups

Monthly Reports

Order now
Price £47 monthly

Security and performance plan

(Plus everything on the essentials, backup and updates plan)

My security and performance plan has everything on the essentials, backup and updates plan plus advanced security checks, performance monitoring, weekly database optimisations and uptime monitoring for your peace of mind.

Security Checks

Performance monitoring

Uptime monitoring

Weekly Database Optimisation

Order now

Price £67 monthly

SEO plan

(Plus everything on the Security and performance plan)

My SEO plan includes everything from the previous plans plus weekly reports, daily backups, internal link monitoring and weekly ranking reports for up to one hundred SEO keywords.

Perfect for you if you want hands-off monitoring of your website.

Daily Cloud backups

weekly SEO Rankings

Internal link monitoring

Weekly Reports

Order now
Price £97 monthly

WordPress maintenance services and WordPress support

(Plus everything on the SEO plan)
My WordPress maintenance services and WordPress support plan include everything from the previous plans plus WordPress Support.

Perfect for you if you want hands-off monitoring of your website plus a helping hand with the little things.

3hrs of WordPress expert assistance a month

Order now
Price £247 monthly

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