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The invention of the computer has led to a great many new facets in our daily lives.

The world has become so much smaller now that we are able to communicate via the world wide web and it gives us more involvement in many things including how to run out business.

It opened up a whole new form of business. Companies can now contact anyone in the world to promote and inform clients of their line of work.

This offers us a whole new playing field in the marketing business and some companies have taken full advantage of that fact.

Spam companies have been set up to create these infectious e-mails, website pop-ups and flash advertisements for other companies in order to generate more money for themselves and the companies they spam for.

They sweep the internet, buying e-mail addresses from other online websites at a  fee and then upload all those addresses into a mass e-mail sender to make sure your inbox receives the e-mail from their clients.

The worst thing about this is that every e-mail being sent is unsolicited.

They have stolen your E-mail address and they use it to send E-mails that are not authorized to be sent to you.

Most spammers use Zombie networks which can be infected with worms and viruses.

This means that when a message is sent to you and you have the ability to open it the message itself, will place an infection on your computer.

With the number of infections, there are out there some can be dangerous while others harmless and you haven’t the ability to know which is attached to which e-mail message.

The fact of the matter is that spammers cannot be located which means that they cannot be stopped from sending spam to the e-mailing lists that they might have gotten hold of or might have bought.

How to deal with a Spam message or pop-up on your computer?

The first thing to do when dealing with Spam is to make sure that you know who has sent this message to you.

If it is an unknown e-mail, do not open any attachments or if you are not expecting any unknown e-mail messages, simply delete it.

Make sure your e-mail server knows that this is spam and when the spammer sends you a second E-mail, it will be taken straight to junk mail.

Many e-mail servers can extract spam from your inbox so you don’t even have to read through your junk messages.

If a contact of yours happens to send you a spam message, don’t be alarmed.

The best is to inform them that their mailing address has been hacked by a spammer and that they should try and change their password as soon as possible.

With computer pop-ups, it’s even easier to ignore.

Just close the window and forget about it.

Don’t allow it to stay open for too long.

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This is my home a place where I cover Design, SEO and all the other things that interest me.


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